Our Approach

Driving our environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance is our culture of innovation and efficiencies. These characteristics are what fuel our economic performance, increase shareholder value and strengthen our commitment to sustainability in the communities where we live and work.  

This year we’re further developing our sustainability content in an online format to make it more accessible to our stakeholders. This “evergreen” style reporting means we can quickly and easily update relevant data as it becomes available, streamlining the reporting process. We’ve also consolidated text to facilitate online readability and highlight what’s most important.

Ovintiv at a Glance

Ovintiv contributes to the strength and sustainability of the communities where we operate by partnering with employees, key stakeholders and community organizations and endeavors.

We believe the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide useful guidance to help direct our sustainability approach. Ovintiv is a member of IPIECA, an organization focused on 

international environmental and social issues impacting the oil and natural gas industry. IPIECA has partnered with the United Nations Development Programme and International Finance

Corporation to develop a shared understanding of the implications of the SDGs for the oil and gas industry and how the industry can most effectively contribute.

At Ovintiv, the following UNSDGs are particularly relevant to our business and are areas we believe will have a significant positive impact on our industry and Ovintiv operations.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Access to affordable, reliable energy is essential for the growth of strong economies, sustained improvements to quality of life and eradication of poverty. The oil and gas industry is committed to helping address the critical issue of sustainable, modern energy access.

Life on Land

The industry is committed to responsibly integrating the management of biodiversity and ecosystem services across the life cycle of oil and gas operations. At Ovintiv, our projects and facilities are designed to mitigate potential impacts in the areas where we operate. 

Responsible Consumption and Production

Oil and gas companies are doing their part to meet responsible consumption challenges by mitigating impacts and improving the efficiency of their operations. At Ovintiv, we support energy efficiency through the implementation of product stewardship principles, ensuring effective management of chemicals and waste, directional drilling when necessary and feasible and by sharing energy efficiency knowledge and increasing energy literacy among consumers.

Climate Action

We believe that it is possible to address climate change risks while also meeting global energy demand and supporting economic development. Climate action by government, business and civil society should not sacrifice economic development, employment or social objectives. The oil and natural gas industry has a unique role to play in engaging on climate policy as we continue to supply the world’s energy into the future.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Sustainable development requires job creation and inclusive economic growth. The oil and gas industry can make a significant contribution to local economies. Employment is a crucial path out of poverty towards shared prosperity. The oil and gas industry contributes to local communities, investing in opportunities for job creation and local business development,