Brandy Schall Named 2023 Women MAKE Award Honoree

Ovintiv is proud of our deserving honoree and nominees.

The Manufacturing Institute’s (MI) Women MAKE Awards (formerly known as the STEP Ahead Awards) recognize women in science, technology, engineering and production careers who exemplify leadership within their companies. This national honor identifies top talent in the manufacturing industry and further encourages award winners to mentor and support the next generation of female talent to pursue modern manufacturing careers.

This year, Ovintiv is proud to share that Brandy Schall, Senior Manager, Facilities Engineering and Construction (TOA), has been selected as a 2023 Women MAKE Awards Honoree. Brandy will be recognized as part of a prestigious group of 100 women leaders for her outstanding contributions to Ovintiv and for being a leader in her community.

The Women MAKE Awards give women across the country a platform to showcase the incredible opportunities the manufacturing industry has to offer, whether they are leading the company, planning the next big project, or testing innovations in the field.

Aaron Johnson, VP & GM, TOA, offered the following comments with respect to Brandy’s achievement.

“It’s great to see Brandy acknowledged with this award. She has many things to be proud of, but most importantly—she makes everyone around her better. She is a genuine leader that drives safety, delivers results, has a great approach, is a positive influence on the next generation of leaders, all while making a difference in her community. Congratulations Brandy!”

Two other, outstanding Ovintiv women were also nominated for this year’s awards: Kayce Bartlett (Manager, Geoscience) and Marley Bain (Manager, Water Resources). Their nominations are a testament to the contributions they provide to the company and the leadership capabilities they possess.

The 11th Annual Women MAKE Awards ceremony will take place April 19-20, 2023, in Washington, D.C., and will recognize honorees and emerging leaders.

Please continue reading to learn more about Brandy’s achievements in earning this honor and award. Details on The Manufacturing Institute and their Women MAKE Awards is available on their website.

About Brandy

Balancing deep technical expertise with a visionary leadership style; Brandy Schall – Ovintiv’s Senior Manager, Facilities Engineering and Construction (TOA) – leads a sizable team of engineers, technologists, construction employees and contractors, in constructing safe, reliable and efficient, oil and gas facilities in the Midland basin.

A mechanical engineer by trade, Brandy’s wealth of knowledge and 17 years of industry experience have helped her earn the respect of her team and colleagues alike in becoming Ovintiv’s first female Senior Manager in this role. Leading by example, Brandy has shown that an unyielding drive for results and an effective approach are not mutually exclusive—rather, a critical combination essential to developing an agile, highly motivated, and cohesive team ready to overcome any challenge.

The Permian Basin Facilities team, under Brandy’s leadership, have the lowest cost per well among their competitors along with top safety performance. Moreover, Brandy’s push to reuse equipment to reduce waste has saved the company more than $10 million over the last few years, benefitting the environment and company shareholders. Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction efforts such as this demonstrate the company’s commitment to reducing the environmental footprint while driving change within the industry.

Brandy not only has her team focused on cost reductions, but cycle time as well. Her team’s handover time from facilities to completions is less than two days, which is both company and industry leading. This short and efficient handover time contributes to each well’s overall number of production days—directly adding to the company’s cash flow.

Passionate about developing the next generation of women leaders at Ovintiv and across the energy industry, Brandy dedicates time to mentoring and engaging the company’s new grads and early career female engineers. Her commitment to sharing her personal and professional journey is paving the way for the next generation—inspiring professionals at Ovintiv and beyond.

Brandy’s desire to inspire goes beyond her professional life in raising and mentoring her two daughters to achieve their ambitions. Her passion for leading and giving back can also be seen in her community work, as she led the Denver Public Schools Career Coach Mentoring Program within Ovintiv. The program is designed to connect high school students interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers to professionals in engineering, among other STEM-related fields. Brandy has also supported multiple charities including Junior Achievement, Center for Work Education Employment, Habitat for Humanity, Denver Children’s Museum and is also an assistant coach for her daughter’s softball team.

Congratulations Brandy on being named a 2023 Women MAKE Award Honoree!