Ethos is our environment, health and safety management system. Ethos helps us measure, track and understand our environment, health and safety performance. Ethos turns the goals and objectives set by our environment, health and safety policies into transparent accomplishments.


Ethos is an accountability tool that will help us understand our performance and guide our future behaviors as we continually strive to improve how we care for people’s health, safety and the environment.

Ethos sets out 16 corporate-wide environment, health and safety standards that clearly define how we conduct our business at Ovintiv. These standards incorporate a systematic Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology—a simple four-step process that guides users to predictable and repeatable results and drives the continuous improvement of our processes.

Integrating Ethos and its accompanying standards into the planning, execution, review and evaluation of our activities—everything from conducting routine daily tasks to the execution of our development plans. The Ethos system supports our efforts to foster an injury-free workplace, minimize our environmental impact and treat our neighbors with respect. These actions provide the foundation of responsible development.