Alberta Energy Regulator: Directive 083

This notification is for use by third-party companies looking to notify Ovintiv of at-risk offset hydraulic fracturing in its Canadian operations.


As per Alberta Energy Regulator’s Directive 083, notification of planned fracturing to all at-risk offset operators is required prior to the start of the operation.

As per Directive 083, if any Ovintiv at-risk offset wells are located within the fracture planning zone (FPZ) established, notification and the following required information can be sent to: 

Please provide the following information:

  1. Subject well license and unique well identifier.
  2. Identified offset well license and unique well identifier.
  3. True vertical depth (TVD) of the fracture stimulation in subject well.
  4. Zone name of the fracture stimulation taking place in subject well.
  5. FPZ distance.
  6. Map of the FPZ.
  7. Distance from subject well to the identified offset well.
  8. Fracturing fluid type: energized gas(es) or high vapor pressure hydrocarbons.
  9. Recommended at-risk offset well control plan.
  10. Contact details (name, phone number and email) for the following:
    • Interwellbore coordinator
    • Project supervisor
    • Field operations supervisor