Protecting Our People

Safety is more than a priority—it’s a foundational value and a basic tenet of our operations. We work to improve our safety performance every day, believing that occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable.

EH&S Performance Management

Managing EH&S performance starts with our commitment to a safety culture, environmental stewardship and reliable regulatory performance. We support this commitment with clear governance and programs and policies that set expectations for our employees and partners.

Evaluating the effectiveness of our EH&S systems and standards allows us to adjust and improve. We utilize Ethos—an operations management system—to track and understand our EH&S performance. Ethos acts as both a methodology to guide our employees to consistent results and an accountability tool to measure our EH&S metrics, including those used for our compensation program.

Empowering Employees

Setting clear expectations for EH&S performance and educating our employees on potential hazards are key goals for our EH&S training program. Each year our EH&S and operations teams partner to develop individualized training plans so that employees receive EH&S trainings specific to their roles. Through this approach we offer more than 120 courses, guiding our team on the best methods for managing EH&S risks and the procedures they must follow to complete work safely.

In addition to increasing safety awareness, our employees must feel empowered to make decisions to protect themselves, their coworkers and the community. We adopted the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP)’s life saving rules to set clear guidelines for making safe decisions in a variety of operational situations.

The underlying foundation of our life saving rules is “stop work,” which gives every employee the authority to stop operations if a life saving rule is compromised, there is a perceived safety threat or equipment could be damaged. There is no retaliation for exercising “stop work” authority.

Maintaining Safe Worksites

Our occupational health and industrial hygiene initiative is a specialized component of our overall operational management system, focused on eliminating potential health hazards found in the workplace. This initiative predicts and monitors potential workplace chemical exposure, evaluates exposure risk and suggests control of environmental factors that may cause sickness. Through this program, our employees may adopt different procedures or increase their personal protective equipment when needed.

The failure of process equipment or mechanical integrity can result in critical safety or environmental impacts. To mitigate these risks, we implement comprehensive process safety practices.

Our process safety standard focuses on the appropriate design, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities and equipment to prevent the release of hazardous materials. In addition to maintaining proper containment, we integrate process safety tools and techniques into our management system, continue to enhance our process safety practices and expectations and train our teams on preventing hazard exposure throughout our operational lifecycle.

We are responsible for creating sites where our employees can perform their work without health hazards.

Driver Safety

Motor vehicle incidents are the leading cause of injury and death in the oil and natural gas industry. Our comprehensive driver safety program includes training, tools and standards to encourage a culture of zero motor vehicle incidents.

We require both driver awareness and hands-on training for all company fleet drivers, which reinforce our safe driving practices. We also prohibit the use of cell phones while driving and, we assign an in-vehicle monitoring system to all Ovintiv fleet vehicles.

Employee Health

Ovintiv applies fitness for work—a practice that requires employees to be in a condition to carry out their day-to-day job duties safely and effectively without putting themselves, their coworkers, the public or the environment at risk. We consider employees unfit for work if injury, illness, physical or psychological health issues, fatigue or the use of alcohol or drugs could result in a reduced ability to perform work safely or effectively.

To encourage employee health, we offer competitive medical and dental benefits, as well as physical and mental health wellness programs. We also provide an ergonomics program to reduce physical discomfort and strain while on the job.

Learning from EH&S Incidents

If an EH&S incident occurs on one of our sites, we report and efficiently correct the situation. We use an incident management system to capture data including injuries and illness, motor vehicle incidents, spills and near hits—helping us to gain knowledge from these events.

Our operations teams analyze incident data to identify root causes and communicate risks and best practices. We also utilize our incident management system for EH&S audits and inspections.

Partnering with Suppliers

In compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct and Service Provider EH&S Expectations manual, we require our suppliers to conduct their work in a safe and responsible manner. Using ISNetworld®—a contractor and supplier management platform—we consistently evaluate supplier safety programs and performance.

Through the ISNetworld database, supervisors verify that suppliers have adopted the required EH&S procedures into their management systems prior to starting work. Once a supplier has been approved, we perform routine inspections to help ensure compliance with our requirements.

Ovintiv suppliers must do their part to achieve best-in-class safety performance. That means providing a safe workplace, having procedures in place to detect, prevent and handle potential risks and complying with all laws and regulations.