Our approach to social responsibility is a vital component of our engagement with our stakeholders. How we relate to our employees, our investors, the communities where we operate and the public policy arena, helps to drive a balance between Ovintiv’s economic growth and the welfare of society and the environment in the areas where we work.

Community Investment and Engagement

We believe getting to know our neighbors in the communities where we live and work is a core strength of our community investment and engagement programs. By partnering with our employees, key stakeholders and other organizations, Ovintiv contributes to the quality of community life in the areas where we operate.

Our community investment program is focused on three core areas aligned with our values: education, community life and environment, health and safety. Ovintiv provides grants, sponsorships and in-kind donations to create strong partnerships with organizations and initiatives associated with our core values. 

In the communities where we operate throughout North America, we have a dedicated community relations team focused on listening to the concerns of residents and key stakeholders. Our community relations team takes an active role in the communities where we operate by engaging directly with residents, stakeholders and local governments.

To learn more about our community investment and engagement programs, and to read about the tangible endeavors we are delivering in our communities, visit our community page.

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Working at Ovintiv

The world relies on our industry to produce the oil and natural gas everyone needs to heat their homes, power their cars and build the things that make our lives better. Getting oil and natural gas from the rocks far beneath us takes drive, innovation, collaboration and a relentless spirit. We get excited about finding and developing oil and natural gas, and the pivotal role these products play in our everyday lives.

Our people work hard to put their best ideas into action—making energy development more advanced, efficient and safer than ever before.


Our pay for performance compensation philosophy is anchored in the belief that our people should be rewarded for their individual contributions… and share in the company’s success. To read more about our compensation approach, benefits and insurance and our Employee Children’s Scholarship Fund, visit our human resources page.

Learning and Development

Recruiting, developing and retaining our workforce is vital to our future success. Industry’s move into resource plays has created an even greater demand for people with engineering, geotechnical,

land, operations and commercial skills, and places additional demands on field personnel and oilfield services. The range of development opportunities at Ovintiv include general business

and technical training, leadership development and online learning programs. In 2018, 397 Ovintiv employees participated in one or more formal leadership programs or workshops.

Development Model

Our approach to learning and development aligns to our business strategy and culture. We focus on developing the leadership, technical and business capabilities that matter most to Ovintiv’s success.


  • Business strategies
  • Culture and values


  • Leadership capabilities
  • Technical capabilities
  • Business capabilities


Safety Training

Safety has always been a core value at Ovintiv. We believe safety training and awareness programs are essential to maintaining our business and operational success. The competency of our workforce and their ability to understand and adhere to company and regulatory policies and requirements is paramount to a strong safety culture. We train our employees on the procedures they must follow to complete work safely. Our field employees are given an average of 63 hours of training—focused on recognizing and mitigating hazards. We also deliver more than 120 courses to our workforce—guiding them on the best methods to manage safety risks and prevent spills and releases to the environment. We are proud of our Safety Essential for Leaders program that emphasizes the importance of strong safety leadership. More than 3,000 supervisors have completed the program since 2010.

Diversity and Inclusion

Gender Diversity

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Diversity data is based on numbers as of Dec. 31, 2018.

Human Rights

Ovintiv is committed to providing a respectful, inclusive workplace and a healthy, safe work environment free from harassment, discrimination, violence and intimidation. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, color, age, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other characteristic protected by applicable laws. We respect fundamental human rights and view them as an integral part of corporate ethics and social responsibility. We adhere to the highest ethical conduct as outlined in Ovintiv’s Business Code of Conduct in all aspects of our business. We operate on our foundational values

of safety, trust, integrity and respect. We apply fair labor practices throughout our operations and adhere to all applicable workplace, employment, privacy and human rights standards. Consistent with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, Ovintiv recognizes the responsibility of governments to protect and fulfill human rights. As a responsible operator, it is our obligation to respect human rights and comply with all applicable laws. Our commitment is consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organizations Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights to Work.

Ovintiv’s commitment to the human rights, labor and indigenous policy provides a mechanism for anyone to report concerns or complaints through an anonymous, externally managed Integrity Hotline. Should any issues be identified, Ovintiv will investigate, address and respond to such concerns. Violations of our human rights standards are serious offenses that may result in termination, penalties or other legal remedies. All Ovintiv employees, contractors and directors are expected to adhere to this policy.

Recognizing the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 

Ovintiv recognizes the unique rights of indigenous peoples and we work closely with the Nations to mitigate concerns and impacts. We maintain relationships with indigenous communities in the areas in which we operate and partner with multiple organizations with programs enhancing indigenous development. Our Indigenous Relations Guideline outlines our commitment to working with indigenous communities on economic development and community investment focused on wellness, education and cultural preservation. We recognize the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as it related to the interests of Indigenous Nations. Ovintiv offers indigenous awareness training to all staff. As part of our community investment program, Ovintiv provides financial support to community pow-wows, cultural camps and other initiatives where appropriate.

Political Contributions and Advocacy

Ovintiv believes active and constructive engagement in public policy is an important part of responsible corporate citizenship. We support trade associations, public policy organizations and academic research initiatives to inform public dialogue on issues impacting Ovintiv and the oil and natural gas industry. Ovintiv also actively engages with elected officials, regulatory agencies,

legislative staff and the public. Our goal is to provide our perspective on key issues and to advocate for reasonable public policy and effective regulatory framework that enables responsible oil and natural gas development.

The laws and regulations governing lobbying and political contributions vary by jurisdiction. Ovintiv is committed to the highest ethical

standards in our advocacy efforts. In addition to following the applicable laws and regulations, Ovintiv complies with the company’s Political Activities Policy and Business Code of Conduct. The trade associations, public policy organizations and academic research initiatives to which we provided over US$25,000 in funding to in 2018 are listed below: