Ovintiv Practices and Control Plans

We expect Ovintiv suppliers to have the same level of commitment to safety as we do. All work performed by Ovintiv supplier companies must be done in a safe, responsible manner consistent with Ovintiv standards and practices.

Suppliers are expected to incorporate Ovintiv’s requirements into their environment, health and safety management system prior to commencing work.

Please review the list below and ensure you have incorporated the applicable practices or control plans for the type of work you perform into your management system. You may request copies of these practices and control plans from your Ovintiv contact.

  • Bear Management Practice
  • Benzene Exposure Control Plan
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
  • Carbon Dioxide Exposure Control Plan
  • Confined Space Practice
  • Dropped Object Prevention Practice
  • Early Life Cycle of Wells Pressure Testing Practice
  • Electrical Hazards Practice
  • Emergency Preparedness Practice
  • Emergency Response and Incident Management Practice
  • Energy Isolation Practice
  • Environmental Stewardship Practice
  • Fire and Explosion Hazard Management Practice
  • First Aid and Medical Services Practice
  • Ground Disturbance Practice
  • Health Hazard Assessment and Control Practice
  • Heat and Cold Exposure Control Plan
  • Hot Work Practice
  • Hydrate Handling Practice
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure Control Plan
  • Job Safety Analysis/Safe Work Permit Practice
  • Management of Change
  • Mechanical Integrity Practice
  • Noise Exposure Control Plan
    Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material Exposure Control Plan
  • Off-Highway Vehicles Practice
  • Personal Protective Equipment & Personal Gas Monitors
  • Pipe Restraints and Iron Integrity Practice
  • Process Safety Information Practice
  • Purging Practice
  • Rigging and Lifting Practice
  • Risk and Hazard Management Practice
  • Safe Vehicle Operations Practice
  • Service Provider Management Practice
  • Silica Exposure Control Plan
  • SIMOPS Planning and Operations Practice
  • Site Access Practice
  • Trenching, excavating and Shoring Practice
  • Well Design Practice
  • Workforce Facility Health Practice
  • Working Alone Practice
  • Working at Night Practice